What to Do After an Accident in a Parking Lot

Professional Auto Body Repair Technicians Advise


Parking lot accidents are rare, but still, they happen. Even though drivers don’t drive their vehicles fast, parking for some is difficult due to poor visibility or other factors. What do auto body repair specialists recommend in such cases?

Although parking lot incidents are minor and nobody gets hurt, the body of your automobile is likely to have some damage, and you have to do something about it. The first step is to stay where you are. Don’t leave the scene, and don’t try to look for help at this stage. Your primary concern is to remain calm and search for the other car owner. Exchanging car insurance information is good for both of you. Another option is to leave a note for the other driver that includes your name, phone number, and a brief explanation of what happened.

Your next step is to call 911 and speak to the police and ask for an ambulance if someone is hurt. A police officer will document the damage caused during the accident and find the other driver if necessary. Taking photos of the scene and the condition of both cars with your smartphone is a great idea, too. Take pictures of the driver’s license plates, as well.

Get in touch with your insurance company and notify them of the accident. Even if your automobile is only scratched and has minor dents, you should let your insurer know about it. Of course, you can also find any witnesses that are willing to cooperate and testify that your vehicle was damaged while you were not in it.

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